2006-Allan and Joel's Excellent Adventure travel blog

Since it was hot again, we mainly spent the day at the Park Hyatt Spa. I got a much needed facial and Joel and I got massages, did the steam room and sauna thing, and hung around the spa and pool area (really cute German boys).

OK, we didn't have any tennis to go to today although we did watch the women's matches on TV. We did not see the third set of the Clijsters match where she rolled her ankle as we were in a taxi. We did hear it on the radio in the taxi (see, no escaping tennis).

Speaking of which, we did manage to find, probably, the only place in Melbourne without tennis on the telly. It was called the Hotel Laird (most pubs are called the "hotel" something or other). It was a gay bar out in Colllingwood and was quite fun. We popped by for a schooner of beer and then headed out to Little Vietnam for some really good Crispy Chicken and Lemongrass Beef. We headed back to the bar as it was early and had a few more beers. Made friends with a nice chap named Liam. He and I talked at great lengths about Aussie and Kiwi wines. Quite the knowledgeable chap. We also decided that aged Alsace was the best wine to pair with Vietnamese and Thai (that's in case anyone in SF goes to The Slanted Door in our absence.

So after quite few beer (yes, I forgot that beer in Oz makes me sick after about 3), I proceeded to the loo to boot. Our friend gave us directions to an after hours club that was down the street. Quite full and cute with numerous scantily clad, friendly Melbournians. Headed home around 2 as we needed to be up at 6 for our flight to New Zealand. Drunk, sweaty and satisfied that part of Melbourne nightlife can be fun; we hailed a taxi back to the Hyatt for one last short sleep in our spectacular room. Good Times!

(Alas, no pics)

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