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Happy 25!

Good morning!


Volcano El Misti

El Misti in the clouds

small street

street sign

Calle San Fransisco - by day

Plaza de Armas

At the end of this street is my hostel

The elections are coming up and there are many demonstration my different...


St. Camillo market

St. Camillo market

market stall

market stall - magical ingredients

market stall

fresh jugo

"Maiz" stall

differents grains ect

Peruvian sweetcorn




Hola amigos! Many greetings from Arequipa! Today is Sunday and I've been here now for about 1.5 weeks. I just love this place and it seems to be quite difficult to move on from here. Originally, I was planning to spend 2 days max.in Arequipa and then travel on to Puno and Cuzco. However it's raining a lot in the mountains at the moment, so I don't really fancy going there right now! 'Less is more' has become my motto and that's how I will spend my time overhere. I took the pictures this morning, wandering around in the city for 1 hour after I was woken up by the church bells at 7 o'clock in the morning!

Happy Sunday!

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