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I am so sure all of you will be glad when the tennis is over and I [hopefully] write about something else.

Well, this is not then. Yesterday, we walked down to Southbank, a shopping district in Melbourne, and had some lunch. After wards, we took the water taxi [so civilized] up to the stadium and caught then end of the Nalbandian/Santoro match....boring. Then we watched Sharipova and Petrova. It's kind of odd but all of the Aussie seemed to like Petrova. Perhaps they feel sorry for her because she is so ugly. Anyway, that was a good match even thought Maria had to struggle a bit at times.

We wandered around Melbourne Park, watched some more doubles and had some more really bad concession stand food [i.e. "hamburger", soggy chips, mystery sausage, etc.]. We watched the Davenport/Henin-Hardene match and, while Lindsay did put up a good struggle, Justine was just that much better. The next match was Ljubicic/Bahgdadtis. AWESOME. It went on forever, each player was fantastic and the crowd was insane. It was like being at a footy match. We had a huge Greek/Cyprus cheering section that sang between every point and a large but not quite so melodious Croatian section. After the fifth set and many beers, it was quite rowdy....well at least for tennis.

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