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Aren't there child labour laws here?

Lindsay Davenport

Andy's Cheering Section

Where Am I?

What Do I Do Now?

VERY loud group

Another scorcher in Melbourne. At 4PM, when we took a cab the ½ mile back to the hotel, it was 44F in the shady part of the Vodaphone Arena [that's 111F for those who don't have a converter].

We had breakfast with Nicola, Jim and their two 18 month old boys. It was good seeing them and the boys were huge [and cute].

Tennis was OK. They played with the roof closed all day so it seemed like watching indoor night matches. Lindsay was hurt but looked good. Andy sucked [what a shocker]. The guy from Cyprus who beat Andy was pretty good.

Went back to the hotel, sat in the cold pool....very nice. Ran into to Patrick McEnroe at the gym.

Went back to tennis, saw Sheripova win and came home

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