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Cierva Cove

Glacier running into the sea at Cierva Cove

Glacier carvings

Research station at Cierva Cove

Artgentine "Base Primavera" Station

Research station buildings

Research station buildings

This gives an idea of where we are!

Aaron, Expedition Leader, driving zodiac on our cruise around Cierva Cove

Crabeater seal blissfully sleeping

Icebergs in Cierva Cove, 1

Icebergs in Cierva Cove, 2

Icebergs in Cierva Cove, 3

Icebergs in Cierva Cove, 4

One of the zodiacs snooping around Cierva Cove

Humpback whale watching

Humpbacks coming up for air

Humpbacks bubble feeding (sorry, turned out dark!)

Closeup of Humpback whale while bubble feeding (also dark!)

Photos only ... see "Spirit of Shackleton, The Great White Continent" (story #158)

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