Where in the World is Connie? travel blog

Christmas Lunch (L-R: Lion, Edgar, Gordana, Lynne, Donna, Belinda)

The Chefs receive a round of applause for their Xmas creation

Connie & Edgar (my favorite waiter)

Connie & Belinda, kinda freezing on bow of ship

Drygalski Fjord scenery

Glacier at end of Drygalski Fjord

Connie & Constantine (my favorite bartender)

Entrance to Larsen Harbour

Larsen Harbour scenery

More Larsen Harbour scenery

Penguin on icefloe, Southern Ocean

Penguin on iceberg, Southern Ocean

Southern Ocean scenery

Mini icebergs

Belinda, Lynne & Connie enjoying the scenery

Weddell seals on iceberg

Leopard seal on iceberg

Connie and icebergs

Hmmm, some of these bergs are getting bigger!

Photos only ... see "Spirit of Shackleton, South Georgia Island" (story #149)

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