Where in the World is Connie? travel blog

Connie with some different Kings

A group of mates

Face close up

Feet close up

Even the adults moult and have bad hair days!

Bad hair day, 2

Another herd of reindeer

Classy looking couple

More penguins

Poor fella probably attacked by leopard seal

More island scenery

Penguins with colony in background

The penguin colony...this is only a small section, it goes on forever!

View of colony, 2

View of colony, 3

Perfectly matched sleeping beauties

More sleeping beauties

More beach scenery

Elephant seals lining the beach

Elephant seal playing Rudolph!

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Juvenile male elephant seals practicing fighting techniques

(MP4 - 1.56 MB)

A cute penguin interaction

Photos only ... see "Spirit of Shackleton, South Georgia Island" (story #149)

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