2006-Allan and Joel's Excellent Adventure travel blog

Had a great day today. Lazed around the room, watched tennis ate room service....good times. It was unbelievably hot, around 35C/89F, although we suspect it will be hotter Saturday and Sunday.

In the afternoon, I headed up to Donald and Doris Fraser's house to drop off a gift from Jane. What lovely people they are! We talked for a while about tennis and travel and Jane [because I know she is reading this]. Doris would not let me leave without giving me bottle of really nice wine. I managed to take quite the circuitous route out to their house but Donald gave me a more direct way back. Driving in Melbourne is not the easiest proposition.

Got back to town, dropped of the car and got back to the room in time for a huge thunderstorm. Fun to watch but not so good to take pictures of. We headed down to the Melbourne Tennis Centre in time for some bad pizza and beer and take our seat to watch Serena get trashed but Daniela "I Really Need to Eat Something" Hanchukova. Joel met some lovely women from Canada [I think] who were very funny and great with tennis comments. The crowd was great, eye candy could be better -we shall see. After that it was all about Blake playing some really bad tennis and then home and to bed.

Pics tomorrow of Hingis and Haas!!!!

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