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A Worker at the Kota Kinabalu Market Happily Demonstrating How He Chops...

Steve Enjoying Lunch On Sapi Island (Borneo)

Randy, Sean, Tara, Cyndi, Erin and Steve Having Drinks at the Swiss...

The View of Singapore From the Swiss Hotel

Randy Educating us on the Various Possibilities of Travel in South East...

Patong Beach - Phuket Island, Thailand

Tara Smiling During a Thai Massage

The Boat That Took us on a Tour to Phuket's Neighbouring Islands...

'James Bond Island' - A Film Location For the Filming of a...

Exploring Some Caves by Canoe

Stopping at an Uninhabited Island For a Swim

Construction on Phi Phi Island After the Tsunami

Our Favourite Cook On Phi Phi Island (We Ate At His Restaurant...

Cutting up Some Fish Steaks!

The 'Longboat' That We Rented to Take a Group of us Out...

The Group Heading Out To Do Some Snorkeling and Sightseeing From Phi...

A Small Island Called Bamboo Island (a lunch stop on our day...

A Thai Monkey Enjoying a Cold Pepsi - Amazing How the Monkeys...

Another Beautiful Beach (Monkey Beach) Near Phi Phi Island

Steve Exploring the Beach on Phi Phi Island Where the Movie "The...

Tara With "The Beach" (From the Movie) in the Background

Exploring a Lagoon on The Boat Tour

Tara The Sun Worshiper

Tara Coming Back to The Boat After Some Good Snorkelling

Steve on the Honda Hog That We Rented For The Day Near...

Tara Wizzing By On 'The Hog'!

Enjoying a Tasty Banana (Monkey Island)

Off to Catch the Ferry From Phi Phi Island to Krabi

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The 'Local' Thai Markets!

Not surprisingly, Tara and I have been on the move again since our last update in Borneo. Before leaving Borneo, we had one more day in the capital city of Kota Kinabalu, so we decided to check out the local food markets, then head to an island just off the coast called 'Sapi Island'. This is a popular spot for daytrippers who like to snorkel as it boasts good coral and colourful fish. It was a good day of snorkelling, although not comparable to the Great Barrier Reef! We spent most of the time in the water as it was too hot to just lay on the beach.

Later that night, we took a flight back to mainland Malaysia to the city of Johor Bahru. We were originally going to take a taxi back into Singapore, but as our flight was delayed and we arrived after midnight, the taxi company wanted to charge us more than double a regular fare (a night fee they call it - a scam if you ask me!), so we declined. Instead of being 'ripped off' we took a short taxi ride into Johor Bahru and opted to stay in a cheap hotel. The room was a great demonstration of the phrase 'you get what you pay for'. For our 5 hours of sleep in the room we enjoyed a deep musky odour in a less than basic room. Tara was so concerned about the bed that she would not sleep directly on the sheets. She laid the clean towels that were given to us (which were probably as bad as the sheets!) over her part of the bed and stayed in that position all night. She and I were glad to move on.

We then took a very cheap bus into Singapore. We were back to Randy and Erin's apt. to meet up with our friends Cyndi and Sean who had just returned from their honeymoon in Thailand. We spent the day in Singapore checking out some of the sights including 'Little India' and the famous Raffles Hotel. The Long Bar at this hotel is said to have invented the 'Singapore Sling', although we decided to pass on that tradition as the cost was $20 each per drink!!! In the evening we all met up with Randy and Erin for dinner and drinks. We had a beer at the Swiss Hotel. This hotel is the tallest building in Singapore and therefore boasted a great view of the city.

The next morning we said our final good-byes to Cyndi and Sean who were heading back to Australia. The rest of our day was spent planning our further travels, relaxing, and watching some tennis matches on t.v.! We booked a flight to Phuket, Thailand for the next day to enjoy some of the beach life for a while! Before leaving Singapore we enjoyed a nice evening with Randy, Erin and Keri-Ann (Erin's sister).

We are currently in Krabi, Thailand. We have been in Thailand for about a week now and are loving it! We landed in Phuket and stayed at Patong Beach (one of the many beaches on Phuket Island) for 3 nights. One day we took a day trip to see some of the other islands, including James Bond Island! We then headed to the very popular Phi Phi Island, where they filmed the blockbuster movie 'The Beach' with Leonardo DiCaprio. Another day we booked a tour to do some snorkeling and sightseeing which took around the island of Phi Phi Ley, stopping at a number of different snokelling locations along the way. The coral was very good, but again nowhere near as spectacular as the Great Barrier Reef. The beaches and scenery in southern Thailand are beautiful and definately a must see. The weather has been perfect as well, with everyday being sunny with blue skies. In addition, the Thai people are probably the most friendly and outwardly happy of all the countries that we have ever been too. It is amazing that the people have not lost these qualities, even after the tsunami that devasted their homes and caused them to lose so many friends and family. The tsunami still shows it's effects in many places, but they have done a lot of rebuilding here and the tourists are now back - which makes the 'Thai people' really happy.

Today we hired a motorbike and toured more inland around Krabi. We passed by some of the 'local' markets as you will see in the video clip. Tomorrow we are off to the island of Ko Lanta. We booked a beach bungalow for two nights and are hoping that it will be very quiet and peaceful.

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