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Hey guys,

So since my last message I have started the main part of my Kiwi Experience bus trip through the North Island. My first over night stop was Mercury bay, which was kind of boring so I only stayed one night. However, along the way theer we stopped at a place called Cathedral Cove, which was a good 40 min walk from where the bus left us, but man was it worth it. Huge cathedral shaped rocks that took you through to a beautiful beach with clear waters and big waves. Everyone from the bus took the walk and we all hung out on the beach toegther. So far the bus has made it really easy to meet people, which has been nice. However, it does also make it really easy to spend a lot of money. I did take some pictures of Cathedral Cove that I will post when I get to a computer that will allow me to upload pictures.

After a night at Mercury Bay, we all headed off to Rotorua where I am now. Along the way we stopped to go for a short walk to a fresh water stream to go swimming. Myself and a few others went the wrong way and ended up going for a two hour walk through pitch black (and I really mean black... so black you could not see your hand if it was right infront of your face)and forest. I was with two other people (Nick and Franki)after we walked ahead of the rest of the group that was missing, and the three of us ended up at a makeshift campground and ended up having to get this nice guy to drive us back or we would have missed our mus. Anyway, when we got back (we were the first ones to the bus, and I had never been so happy to see an oversized neon green bus before!) the people that were right behind us were still missing. The whole bus had to wait over an hours and a hlaf for them, and the bus driver was about to see about getting a helicopter in to look for them! Nick, Franki and I were smart to have walked the way we did, otherwise we would have been stuck walking with the others on the long, all up hill treck through the forest.

Now I'm in Rotorua, most of my bus group has already left, but I am staying a few days along with one or two others to go Zorbing (You get in a giant blow up ball, dump a bucket of water in and get rolled down a hill) and to check out the museum and maybe the thermal grounds. I'm off to zorb now, but I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

And to all the Mathias family members that are following this, thanks for sending me pictures and emails about Owen's wedding, I so wish I could have been there. It looked like you all had a great time without me though. I hope the next time you guys all make it out to Toronto I will actually be there, although judging by how much fun I am having here, I may not be at home much from now on!

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