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January 16

Arrived in Sydney at 9:00 and stopped by the The Chelsea to drop off our stuff [room not ready yet]. It was pouring rain. It was, I must add for those of you in SF, about 23C/75F not that nasty freezing stuff we just left

But not to worry, Sydney, like and old friend who's a bit down in the dumps and slightly gloomy can always bring a cheer to your heart and surprise you in many ways. We borrowed a brolly and popped on over to the Cross to but one of those "I will fall apart by the end on the day jobs" because we knew, the minute we did, it would stop raining....and guess what it did [for a awhile.

We wandered around reacquainting ourselves with our good old friend. We stopped at a snappy café and had breaky outside. We walked around Oxford and marveled at how clean it seemed when it wasn't 2 AM on a Saturday. We walked around Darlinghurst, Surrey Hills and back to the Chelsea.

We had a 2:00 PM massage at the Four Seasons Spa down around Circular Quay which was fabulous. I was pummeled in ways I have never been pummeled before. My back feels great but I have a few bruise from some of the pressure.

After wards we went to our favourite Thai place, Sailors Thai , sat on the balcony under the banyan tree, watched the rain and had some marvelous food and a great South Australian Riesling.

After all of this activity, Allan was a bit tired so we went back to the room and watched Tennis and went to be.....a lot of stuff for middle-aged old geezers.....

Sorry about the lack of pictures but the rain was pretty bad.

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