Where in the World is Connie? travel blog

Cigarettes & coca leaves - gifts for the miners

Handing out coca leaves to workers at processing plant

One of the workers at processing plant

Inside the processing plant

High level of technology at work!

Pieter admiring the high-tech silver separation process

Finally, add water for a final rinse ...

And voila, we finally have some silver!

Connie getting set up with headlamp

Connie & Pieter, ready to enter the mine

Paying homage to "El Tio" inside the mine

Crawling down to a lower level inside the mine

Connie looking less than enthused about going down the narrow crawlspace

Miners shoveling raw material into rubber buckets for transport to the surface

Pushing one of the trolleys down the labyrinth of rails inside the...

Connie at end of mine tour

Potosi's Plaza de Armas with silver mine mountain in background

Photos only ... see "Death Road Revisited" (story #138)

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