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Mike and Marc coming out of the surf at Sydney's Manly beach.

Marc with the Merrell's son, Chase. Lisy is trying to get me...

There are warning signs like this at many of the surf beaches....

Looking out through the rainforest at an isolated Central Coast beach.

Manly Beach. You can get a sense for the Aussie's love of...

Our first kangaroo sighting!

Lisy getting ready to surf the long peeling waves of Crescent head.

Crescent head- this wave peels for about 500 meters, and had a...

If you could see Marc's face, you would see a big smile....

Here is another kangaroo, only this one was born in America, you...

The path leading to another golden sand beach.

McCauley's beach, on the Coffs Coast.

When we landed in Sydney we were picked up by the Merrell's, great friends of mine (Marc's) from college, and we spent our first weekend at their house in Sydney. We were instantly impressed by the beauty and liveliness of Sydney, and we will be returning there in a few weeks to explore all it has to offer.

We rented another little campervan, and we have spent the last week making our way slowly up the coast towards Brisbane. We are about halfway there now, in a pretty town called Coffs Harbor. We love the Australian beaches. They have great waves, nice warm water, and beautiful golden sand. Many of the beaches are undeveloped too, so the natural rainforest forms a scenic backdrop. And best of all, for us anyway, was that there is water everywhere- lakes, bays, rivers, inlets and the ocean. It is a surfer's and boater's paradise, and the Aussies really take advantage of it. There are people out enjoying the water and sunshine every day. It is great to see a population that is so energetic and clearly happy with where they live!

After spending a month living out of a van in New Zealand, we have decided that we are tired of the Holiday parks. We spent our first 3 nights at very busy (it is school summer break here) campgrounds and now we are staying in hotels, and using our van as a big rental car. But it is working out great- we have been able to see the beautiful countryside and we have even seen some neat wildlife like kangaroos, and thankfully no snakes or sharks!

We are excited about the next stretch of coast leading up through northern New South Wales and into Queensland. Every day gets more tropical, both in temperature and vegitation, and soon we'll be at the Great Barrier Reef!

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