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Sunrise over central Ho Chi Minh (taken from our bedroom window)

our apartment

View from the living room

View from the kitchen

So, after all the excitement of Christmas and new year, we've finally settled in a quite comfortable little flat, a short walk away from school and far enough away from the nearest road to mean we can get a good nights sleep. ther'll be more pictures of the flat later.

Work's still going well, and were getting to know some of the people there quite well, the strange thing is they all seem to be hiding from something, there's an ex colonal, who only 35 years ago was here bombing and shooting at the Viet cong. Theres a guy who used to sing in a rock band, party with Mark Bolan, and is hiding in Vietnam from his four wives who are scattered around the world. Another guy fled Scotland bankrupt, owing thousands and thousands of pounds and is just waiting patiently in Vietnam for it all to calm down. It's very interesting talking to these people, even if it is only in the staff room, they're definately not your avarage set of teachers (were still trying to figure out what we are hiding from).

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