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I think this is the worlds biggest prawn. . .

The English Guy

It rained for days. . .

Byron Bay, pretty complete little beach town



on the way to Nimbim, who know the bus would break down


Absulutely fabulous

This is the cosmopolitan city of Nimbim

This place is on the web 24/7 if I had known I...

Part of the tour is hanging out at this little club house

At some point I got the a leach on my foot walking...

After our bus broke down

So a Irish guy, a English guy, and a American walk in to a bar. . .

So we rented a car in Sydney, promptly got lost in town but found our way out and made it to the lovely town of Coff's Harbour for the night. It sucks but i am sure the torential down pour didn't help either. Up bright and early and made it Byron Bay.

Byron is cool. It reminds me of our little beach towns but just a bit cooler. It's probably all the accents. So after three days of ringing places in Byron we were finally able to get a bed when we were a few hours out. And that was only for one night. Accomadations are so tight that Belinda at the travel agency almost offered us the floor at her place.

Jamie and I took a tour to the hippie town of Nimbim and I cam back with a few stickers, a free chess board, t-shirt and a leach attached to my left foot. Oh yeah and the bus broke down in the national park. we actually broke down in front of one of the few residential places in the park and the couple invited us all in and then Mark (the guy whose house we were in) proceded to talk and not stop talking for the next 1 1/2 hours. I think people were getting ready to climb up the walls. I decided to retreat back to the bus and take cover there. Talk about a buzz kill. I think Mark need's to spend more time out of woods.

But back to the joke, so after three glorious days on the road together I find myself having to take the car and head north. Things change.

On a side note I have meet more Americans in Byron then I have in the last 4 months.


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