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We first got the road past where we had skiied the day...

Then headed in our trusty British-engineered steed over a pass in the...

Lago Escondido from the Andes pass viewpoint

We then drove down to the shore of Lago Fagnano

Where we had time for a good bit of statue practice

Sarah was not one to miss out on such a magical rock

Here was our first walk along the shore of Lago Fagnano

To where a coffee break was prepared for us

Before getting down to some serious off-roading

Banking first one way...

...and then the other

The Lev-O-Gage had it covered though

We then had our second walk of the day

To the refuge where we were having our BBQ lunch

Quality views to be had whilst we waited for our lunch

But we weren't the only ones waiting for their lunch

The fuegian red foxes knew when there were scraps to be had

After lunch and fox watching we had time for...

...skimming practice - (1) Crouch

...skimming practice - (2) Release

Another mirror-laking opportunity before...

...a second bout of off-roading

The Lev-O-Gage reached 33 degrees tilt measurement at one point

We think though that landrovers are built to withstand tilting well in...

On the way back we stopped off at Lago Escondido

And then headed back for home for another home-cooked meal

Everyone who comes to Ushuaia ends up doing an off-road 4x4 trip so we decided to be sheep for the day. It was great fun being sheep. The trip took us via route 3 (the only road in Tierra del Fuego) to Lagos Escondido and Fagnano. We got to go for a couple of walks as part of the day and even had a BBQ lunch with wine thrown into the bargain.

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