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Hello to all,

We are in Scotland, and the adventure never ends! We took the ferry from Bergan to the Shetland Islands (they don't say Shetlands, hung out there for a day, then another ferry to the Orkney Islands. That was cool! Lots of WW2 history there, with the Scapa Flow, the Churchill Barriers and Italian Chapel. All that and beautiful landscapes - windswept, of course. The ferry schedules were very tight through the islands, so we had to rush things a bit, but we got a taste of it.

Once on the mainland we got caught in the first Gale of the season. Totally flattened our tent! Fortunately there was a hostel close by where we coud wait the thing out. I think there is an expressin regarding caution being the better part of valor...we were cautious rather than valiant this time.NOBODY was on the road.

From Thurso we continued first West to Betty Hill, then South, eventually to Inverness, Loch Tay and Stirling , and are currently in Edinburgh. Fabulous city- although our room at the hostel is the Jekyll & Hyde room. Could be an interesting night!

We will be entering south Scotland and then North England in the next few days. We are a little sorry to leave Scotland. The Highlands have an erie beauty that we have encountered nowhere else. The landscapes are elemental in their grandeur, and the Scots are welcoming to strangers. They are experiencing, however, an early turn of the seasons. It has been COLD and wet for the most part, and things warm up as we head south. Truly time to move on.

There is a fireworks display over the city tonight to celebrate the finale of the Edinburgh Fesitval. We won't see the festival, but we get to see the fireworks!

We are both well and good spirits. We look forward to being home in early October.


Ken & Liz

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