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Outside the EcoCentro with a southern right whale skeleton

We learnt a lot about the southern right whales and killer whales...

Can you spot the crab ?

The Red Baron felt threathened by the air superiority of the flying...

The bay view from the cliffs at the EcoCentro

There be whales in them there waters

The seaside town of Puerto Madryn, founded by welsh settlers in 1886

A big octopus at the Museo Oceanografico, but where's the giant squid...

Here it is !!

Sarah with a very big flat fish (stuffed) caught off the coast...

We hope we don't get this close to a real southern sea...

Playa Flecha, Flecha Beach, 20 km north of Puerto Madryn

Time for some cormarants before the whales

A southern right whale from Playa Flecha

It was amazing to see them so close from the beach

We saw them spyhopping

Swimming and playing in groups

And lots of breaching (look carefully)

There was even a mother and a new born calf swimming together

Ever wanted to have your picture taken with a whale ?

Well, come to Puerto Madryn

Here we are now at Puerto Piramides, about to launch into the...

It was a fine afternoon for it

Here we are closing in on the whales

We had found a group of five whales

Our guide thought that there was one female and four males

Kindly, one of them obliged with their tail or fluke

Not once, but twice

Our guide thought that they were attempting to mate

As first one male would try to get close to the female

It would then be rebuffed away by the female

And another male would then try to get close to the female

The sort after whale with cliff under rising moon shot

Our guide thought that this was the female showing her white underbelly

Apparently by mapping out the callouses on their heads you can tell...

Which would have been quite easy for us to do as they...

Frighteningly close at times

Denis' turn for his picture with more than one whale

Right whales are easy to recognise as only they blow air out...

Next a.m./p.m. we left Puerto Piramides to see elephant seals via salt...

Which at 42m below sea level are one of the world's lowest...

Waiting at Punta Delgada lighthouse for our elephant seal walk to leave

Can you spot the elephant seals ?

Luckily we got to go part way down the cliff so we...

A couple of females (previous pic was a male)

Time for a scratch !

Another fast paced day!! We got off our nightbus, hired a car and then went to the EcoCentro to learn about the area's marine life. We also got our first glimpse of the southern right whales from the cliffs here. What a nice surprise ! The right whales were called this because they were the right whales for whalers to catch. They are positively buoyant when dead (unlike other whales) and have high oil content in their blubber. Thankfully they are now a protected species.

After the EcoCentro we stopped off at the Oceanography Museum to see a giant squid and then headed up the coast to try and see whales from a beach 20 km north of Puerto Madryn on the way to Peninsula Valdez. You can see whether we did for yourselves.

We then drove further up the coast to the nature reserve at Peninsula Valdez, stopping off at the Information Centre to find out the best places to go. We were told to hot foot it to Puerto Piramides to catch the last whale viewing trip at 4:30 p.m. We made it in time and, as it was only us four, we got a small zodiac type boat (better as it doesn't disturb the whales as much) and we got very close to the whales. At times we could see them swimming under our boat. Excellent weather as well for it too.

We then ended the day with dinner at the Paradise Resort in Puerto Piramides. We were made an offer on a suite with jacuzzi that we couldn't refuse (only 30 pounds for the night) and decided to treat ourselves. The next morning was a bit hazy as it was our last night with Karen & Kathryn (cocktails until 3 a.m.) but we did manage to see elephant seals and got quite close to them (well close enough).

We hope to return to Peninsula Valdez in a months time when the penguins should have arrived, a lot more elephant seals and maybe orcas.

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