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They always have Ny,




This is where we saw the fireworks.

So as soon as I got the images sent out to Hong Kong on the 30th of January I felt as if a HUGE weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I promptly booked my flight out of Melbourne for the 31st and I made plans to meet up with some friends in Sydney for the Fireworks on New Years Eve.

Arrived in Sydney about a bit after 9 in the morning after a few hours of sleep from the night before (had our own early New Years since I was leaving) and found myself taking a nap on a bench waiting for Leng to pick me up. Actually she had to work at her sister's salon so while they were working I found a nice park and fell asleep for a few hours on another bench. But a few hours later off we went to Mrs Macguires point (which is named simply because she designed it) to watch the fire works with a few thousand other folks.

We got there about 2:30 in the afternoon and had to wait it out until Midnight for the show, it was one of the hottest days on record. ONly to be surpassed by the hottest janaury 1st in some 40 odd years. The joy.

But with that said it was cool and nice to hang out with some people who weren't traveling and were actually from the area for once.

Spent the next two nights in the subarbs because Sydney was still packed but was able to move in to the city by the 2nd and climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge by 5AM on the 3rd. The climb is not at all that "serious" but it was nice none the less. Outside of that Sydney really dosen't seem to really have much for me to do besides the normal museums and such. Been hanging with some folks from the Greenhouse (hostel in MElbourne)up here and I think we all agree that we prefer Melbourne so far over Sydney. Actually we are all leaving here in the next few days for other points.

I'm actually hireing a car with this guy Jamie, also from Greenhouse, and we are heading up north to Byron and then maybe Brisbane, Wit Sundays, Fraiser Island, and then finally up to Cairns where I am hoping to get some work on a liveaboard dive ship in exchange for some free diving and room and board. But man I could definetly use some more time out here. That extra week in Melbourne has definetly messed up my time shcedual here. Granted it was nice to get some work and if anyone is flying in Asia on Cathay Pacific look in the magazine, you will see my work. Plus I just heard back from the editor in Hong Kong (who spent the holidays in Sri Lanka, nice) and it seem's all's good in the hood so I feel much better. Now if she can only get me more work. . . actually I'll be happy if I get paid.

So today is my last day in Sydney and besides catching up with a few folks here I am ready to head on. I am just trying to figure out how to squezze in as much as I can while I am here. But this country is expensive and you can't really do much without spending some major dough. A lot of us are missing Asia for the cheap digs and cheap living.

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