Hanging Out Inc to expand in South America 2005 travel blog

So I have been in Punta for about 5 days. I realize that I am about 4 weeks behind in this. If nothing else I hope to get more pictures uploaded.

I left my friends Woody, Rachel and Juan and they dropped me off at a hostel. Been having an amzing time. Hooked up with some great contacts for BA when I return there.

So quick funny story. I was in yet another amazing bar with too many gorgeous women and appearantly Josh JAckson was there. I have no idea who that is or if the name was right, but I was told he was the star of Dawsons Creek. Anyway, a gorgeous Argentinian girls walks up to me cause she knows I am gringo, it must have been my stupid grin, and she asks if I am from America. I tell her yes and she asks if I am friends with Josh Jackson. At this point I have to think real hard about what the hell she is talking about but eventually guess that this must be what someone ealier in the night was talking about when they said a tv star from Dawsons creek was in the bar. I did think to quickly, told her no, at which point she forgot how to speak english and walked away. I thought I was 5000 miles from LA. Appearantly not.

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