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Freedom Monument.

Town Square.

Ice rink.

Nice gaff.


Another Church.


Not Napoleon.

Christmas park.

12986km from Hong Kong.

What a difference this train was from my Trans Mongolian epic, The Riga Express uses exactly the came rolling stock as the Russian trains, but the Latvians have given theirs a make-over, nicely decorated and even an extra mattress on the beds. But best of all I shared my compartment with a youngish Latvian couple and a Latvian business man, all of whom were friendly and polite. Russian and Latvian Customs/immigration both occurred at the same stop and were so mellow that I hardly woke up (it was 5am).

Last time I visited Riga was in the middle of summer and the place was full of sailing ships on the Tall Ships Race. I think winter and heavy snow suits Riga, it seemed like a different place. With limited daylight hours I didn't get to see that much and a museum that I wanted to go back to was closed, but I went to another instead.

I made a big mistake on my ATM withdrawal when I got the conversion out by a factor of ten and ended up with the equivalent of 200 pounds for 10 hours, and had to find somewhere to change most of it into Zloty.

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