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Heeeyyyy... Yeah, I don't have any C's on this keyboard. Well I do but it doesnt work very well and its slowing down my typing so all'yall are just gonna have to fill in my blanks.

We made it to Kuala Lumpur!! It was a long trip out and we had little to no sleep.

Our last ouple days in Hawaii were nie. We spent hristmas eve and day with the Bonderas and left for Honolulu on the night of the 25th. We planned on staying at the 'sleep and shower' at the Honolulu airport the first night (and using the lockers there) but apparently "they dont exist anymore" dont ever trust a 3 year old Lonely Planet book. So we ended up paying $100US for a hotel there. Whatever. Next day we took the bus to the North Shore so Tyler ould slobber over the surfers. Got to the Banzai pipeline and the waves were really ool. 30ft high. No one was allowed near the water though and it was too razy out for surfers so we just wathed the waves for a bit then headed to a town lose by to hang out for a bit and grab a bite to eat. ool little town. Got to the airport that night to sleep on the 'big couhes in lobby 6' that were mentioned the night before. They forgot to mention that they were ement ouhes. so we slept on cement couches.. or.. i slept. tyler was awake all night (there from 6pm to 4am). Cheked in the next morning and we were lucky to get as far as we did. Our check in girl gave tyler the wrong passport back and its only cause some guy was walking around looking for his did we realize that we had it. They finally found tylers passport and finished checking us in. Then she forgot to give us one of our boarding tikets (as we had 3 transfers to get here). luckily we caught that one too. 18 hours of travel in all I think. It was a long trip. No problem at the Kuala Lumpur airport - we were both just really tired. We're in our hostel (less then $10Cdn a night each) now and are booked here till Tuesday. Hard to eat much here ause its so hot but we've had two meals - some of the best food ever. Apparently Malaysia's known for its great Asian food ($1.50Cdn each for our meals!!) Applied for our Thai Visa's today and can pick them up on Tuesday so we'll take off to some remote island to drink umbrella drinks for a few days. Its crazy hot here and I'm all self concious about wearing 'too little' clothes. We were walking around yesterday and I kept getting stared at. Kept asking tyler if I had food in my teeth, worried that i was not dressed conservative name it...course after a few more hours of it I realized that I'm white. Actually, both me and Tyler are. My last trip to Thailand was in pretty touristy areas so this is new to me... being the minority.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick one for now to let you all know that we landed safely and are adjusting to the time and culture slowly.

Will keep in touch as we can. Happy New year!


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