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Cairo Airport Tarmac (STOCK PHOTO)

We were escorted to the airport by Sassa and Mohamed (the driver). We said our goodbyes to our "guides" and new friends. The experience of being escorted by Travel Egypt was one of the best, if not the best experience that we have had in our travels. These folks are professionals and had an answer to all of our queries. Their care made for the best of all travel experiences and one that we would definitely repeat.

My one complaint about Egypt Air is that really don't seem to have gate agents. This can cause problems for people who need extra assistance. We did get seats at the check-in 10 rows back on the side with only 2 seats together. The problem is that there was really no one to help with early boarding.

We did find an airline official. He was helpful. He told me that I did not need to officially show Kim's medical letter to anyone. If you did, then we would have to get a medical doctor at the airport to have her cleared to fly. This really would not be good. I am glad that he explained it this way. He did get it set up for her to board early. The problem with Egyptians flying is that when either the crew boards or the handicapped passengers board, everyone gets up and starts a queue. It does not matter that the airline people tell them to sit down. They do so anyway. A queue is not really a good word for this. It is more like a pack around the gate with no real semblance of a line.

Kim did have a small anxiety attack at the gate. We had been cleared to board and were in line with the wheelchairs and children, when the pack arrived. The security person at the gate had not been informed that she was to board. She wanted to sit down, but if she did, I could not have gotten her back through the pack to the door at the gate. We got her on the plane and a Xanax and settled in.

There were no problems on the flight. It was just a long flight. We both got just a little sleep, but not much. I saw Peter Pan and an awful Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore movie, Duplex. I really don't like Ben Stiller. After Peter Pan, there was a truly dreadful Egyptian Black and White Movie set in the 1950's or 60's. There were many errors in the subtitles.

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