Egypt 2004 -- Land of the Pharohs travel blog

The view for our hotel room of the river Nile

Another view from the hotel room

Building across from us at the hotel

Hotel Flamenco main entrance

Hotel Flamenco sign

View of the Nile

Boating on the Nile

Main Mosque and boat on the Nile

Small fishing boat on the Nile

Cairo Mosque and the Nile

Cairo riverview

Cairo city view from the Nile

Cairo at night

We picked up the items. They looked good. I got a longer chain to get the necklaces stepped right. I still will have to add slightly to their lengths and rework the top holding the coin. I ended up having to get them to put another ring on the coin as it would not fit through the new linked necklace. This used to have the cross on it, but it will now have the coin because it will be easier to adjust (shorten). It was still amazing to see the Pyramids from the shop. They rise high and can be seen from many places in Cairo especially the high vantage points.

On the way back from Alexandria, Mohammed and I talked a little more about the website. I hope that it will work for him and help him make a better living. He did say if it brings him clients, we will be his guests on the next trip to Egypt. This was very gracious of him. If we do come back, I would like to spend a night in Alexandria to do the items we missed. I would also like to go with him to some of the sites we missed in Upper Egypt. Finally, I would go to Sharm El Shiek for the recreation and the diving. I also would like to climb Mt. Siani and visit St. Catherine's (this is a 3 day trip).

So ends our trip to Egypt. It is all over but the packing and the goodbyes for tomorrow. I have to finish stowing the camera equipment. Kim has us packed. We have been feed and she is resting. We will have breakfast and then meet Sassa for the last time at 6:30 am. Tonight I still have to do the evaluations for Sassa. Nothing is ever finished until the paperwork is done. There will only be a short entry tomorrow for the airport and for the flight home.

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