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Sheraton Luxor -- STOCK PHOTO

Sheraton Luxor Pool -- STOCK PHOTO

President Reagan died yesterday. I saw the report on the news right before we went to bed. He was 93 and died the day before the 20th anniversary of his speech commemorating the 40th anniversary of D-Day. I use this speech at KSU. It is a powerful speech and even more so since I saw the cliffs that he spoke about last year. Reagan was the first president I could vote for because I turned 18 3 weeks after I could have voted for Ford. I had a deep sadness with his passing.

Today we got up and had a good breakfast at the hotel. Breakfast was more like an American meal than we have had on the trip. Doughnuts, French toast, crepes, orange juice with pulp and of course tea. This was good for us to have a good filling meal before traveling. I went to check after breakfast on the gifts that we had ordered. Tanya's cartouche was ready, but the man had not arrived with the papyrus. I was to go back right before we left. Checking out and packing were no problem for us.

I picked up the cartouche and an ankh key chain for Kim. I met Ayman and the driver in a car not a bus as I walked back the 1 block to the hotel. We joked with Ayman about the key from yesterday and the flight tickets. The ride to the airport was uneventful. I gave them good marks on the evaluation that I had to fill out.

We checked in at the airport and the screener caught the small butter knife inadvertently left in the top of the backpack. We put it in the checked luggage and on we went. I found two photo albums of the space saving vertical type at the airport. I bought them for 2 for Le50 down from Le30 each. The flight to Cairo was no problem. Kim did start having an episode in the airport and continued into the flight. She was better when we landed. I don't know and she does not know what brought it on. It went smooth and we had apple juice on the flight. I got a little typing done as I tried to update the travel diary.

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