Egypt 2004 -- Land of the Pharohs travel blog

Inscription at Abul Simbel

Approaching Abul Simbel

Side view of Abul Simbel

Abul Simbel Complex

Pharaoh Rameses II

4 statues of Rameses II are as tall as a 5 story...

Egyptian God

2 statues flank the main entrance to the inner chamber

Horus (He who is above us) God in the form of a...

Rameses from the knees up

Slaves of Rameses

Above the entrance to the Temple

Interior of the Temple

Rameses in Victory Campaign

Rameses Column

Ceiling of Abu Simbel Temple

Rameses Statue

Rameses II in Chariot Painting

Rameses II Interior Statue

Columns of Rameses II

The inner chamber with Ramases and the Gods

Hieroglyphics in the Temple

A large painting in Abul Simbel

Rameses smites an enemy

An inner chamber in the Temple

Rameses with the Gods

Face of Rameses

A temple painting showing an offering to the Gods

Queen Neferteri's temple at Abul Simbel

Outside view of Abul Simbel

Queen Neferteri 's temple (Neferteri's Statue)

Neferteri's Statue

Painting of the God Toth (God of Writing)

God Anubis

Goddess Hathor

Rameses at Neferteri's temple

Abu Simbel Temples

Lake Nassar at Abul Simbel

Outside view of Rameses Temple at Abul Simbel

Outside view of Rameses Temple at Abul Simbel

Rameses head that fell during an ancient earthquake

Statue at Abul Simbel

Rameses knees to Face

Rameses Face

Entrance to Rameses Temple

Rameses Twin Columns in the Temple at Abul Simbel

View from Rameses Temple

Lake Nassar

We got in the van and started talking to our tour guide, Hannae. He is a young Egyptian Christian. Interesting. We got to the checkpoint and the paperwork was not correct. It got a little tense with them speaking rapidly in Arabic and the guy holding his Uzi and a spare clip. We had to go back to the hotel and got the correct paperwork. We then rejoined the convoy. A guard rode with us. It was a 3 hour ride. We all ended up sleeping on the way down. This resulted in a stiff neck.

Half way there, we stopped at the rest stop with a toilet and expensive beverages. It was in the middle of nowhere. Then we continued to Abul Simbel and Lake Nasser. We saw posters explaining how the movement to higher ground was accomplished. We then walked down to the temples. Here you can take pictures inside without flash. I can tell you that I shot and shot to my hearts content. I got many good photos of both temples and the statues. It will make a good slide show for World Geography.

We boarded the bus for the long ride back. I nursed a head and neck ache all the way back. Kim could not wait to return for the toilet. She got a little overheated out at the site, but recovered on the way back in the Air Conditioned van. I gave Hannae our book on Egypt. He really liked it. It would have cost him $40 or 240 Le, a fortune. You really don't know how well you have it until you travel and talk to others. He has tried to get a visa to work in the US for three years three different times. If he could make $500 US a month for 3 years that would equal about 108,000 Le and he would be well off. This would give him enough to buy a flat and pretty much set him for life. This is an entirely different perspective than our existence in the US.

We arrived back at the hotel to have a snack. It was too late to swim. It was too late to go to the Nubian Museum. There was nothing near the hotel. I tried to see a menu at the restaurant. This caught them off guard. They wanted me to sit and eat the buffet. I then went to the desk to see the room service menu. There is not one. Back to the restaurant, I ordered and they brought the food. Not quite what we expected, but it did fill us. Downloaded pictures recharged batteries and synched the palm. Off to bed. Tomorrow, we board the ship. It should be less tiring.

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