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Skyline from Harbor Tour

Brooklyn Bridge

Tall Ships at Dock

Tall Ships

Under the Brookly Bridge

Brookly Bridge Pillars

United Nations Building

Looking Back to the Brooklyn Bridge

The House that Ruth Built

Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty from the Harbor Tour

Lady Liberty in Profile

Onlookers view the Statue of Liberty

The torch of freedom

Ellis Island and the Island Ferry

Ellis Island Main Entrance

Statue of Liberity viewed from Ellis Island

The Hospital at Ellis Island

Female immigrant at Ellis Island

Male immigrant at Ellis Island

The Great hall at Ellis Island

We got up late after my long night the night before. I should have gotten up at 6:30 to make sure that we would catch the Grayline to their terminal and then the express to the Statue of Liberty. No, this did not happen because of the late night. We were away by 9:30 instead. We went to the bank to cash a traveler's check. Then we went to Grand Central Station. After some time, we found that the harbor tour was at the Intrepid, miles away from Battery Park. We located the bus and got on. This also was an adventure because the bus would not take $ bills. We gave the $ bills to a passenger and she swiped us in with her Metro Card at the driver's suggestion. She initially balked because this was maybe illegal. She was another New Yorker who fits the stereotype. Most of the people that we have met do not fit the stereotype.

We arrived at the pier and had 5 minutes to spare to catch the 3 hour trip not the 2 hour trip. I ponyed up the extra $5 each and we got on the boat. The cruise ended at the same time and was better than sitting around doing nothing for 1 hour. We enjoyed the trip and left behind $4 for popcorn and $3 for coffee.

Once finished we found a cab for $14 including tip to Battery Park. I bought passage for two ($10) each to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. We were not getting off at Liberty Island. I got some good photos from the ship. We arrived at Ellis Island and Kim got to check names in the database. I got a couple of shots and we then missed the ferry by 6 people. This was the exact number of people who cut into the line. Twenty minutes in the rain later, we got the next ferry back. A short subway ride to Grand Central and we arrived safely. We bought subs and cookies at Subway for dinner. We stopped at a local market and got Pringles and bananas. We collected the luggage and hiked back to Grand Central Station. Our timing was just right. We boarded the bus for JFK with 3 minutes to spare.

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