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Grand Central Station

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Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge

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New York Skyline

New York Skyscrapers

NYC Building Reflections

The flight was on time and uneventful. AirTran has a good product. It was our first flight on them. We landed, collected our bags and then hunted for a way into town. We took the Airport BuS into town. It is the cheapest way into town, but it was not worth the extra $3 saved. We had to wait and wait at Grand Central Station for a little van to take us on to the hotel. We later discovered it was just 6 short blocks away. You live and learn. We went to the hotel and checked in. No toilet paper in the room. I got the room changed. Better view.

The Marriott East Side is a historic hotel and is just across the street from the Waldorf. That is good company to be in. I went to the Concierge desk and asked about what to do and when to do it. I developed a plan for the day. We bought a Grayline ticket package for tours at $49 each. We took the downtown tour (normally $37 and the night tour normally $37), got dinner and walked back to the hotel. Kim got a nap and I worked on the book.

Both tours were good. When we left the downtown tour at Times Square, we walked to their office. Added a ticket to the harbor tour for tomorrow at $16 each - a $5 savings each. We had not been to Brooklyn, the Bronx, Soho, little Italy or Chinatown and did all of these on the night tour. It was good to see some more of NY.

We returned to the hotel about 9:00 pm and I started work again. I had a high speed connection and thought that I might be able to get it done - all done that night. If so, I would free up the entire day Friday for tourism without worrying about the book. I did finish at 1:45 am and was half awake for part of the time. I posted it to the website for Glencoe and emailed a copy and crawled into bed.

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