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We left the Sanctuary for the excellent drive to the Atherton Tablelands. This is a highland area of tropical rainforest. After stopping on the way for breakfast at Innisfail our first stop was at Crawfords lookout across the tablelands.

From here we went to ..... waterfall, this had a couple of separate drops, whilst here we met a very strange couple who we eventually went on to meet at every other stop throughout the day. Next we went on to the main waterfall circuit. The first of these was.....falls...... Next was....... falls. Finally we got to the most famous of the three on the circuit, Millaa Millaa. Here, despite the water being absolutely freezing, Garry went in for a swim.

The crater was our next stop. This is a small crater lake, which now has a cover of green moss. Also at the crater was Dinner Falls. We drove from the crater to the Curtain Fig Tree. This was completely different, and one of two examples in the park where a Fig Tree has strangled and killed the tree it started its life on and completely taken over. It is quite a sight.

On the way to our hostel in Yungaburra we stopped for a quick look around Atherton Village. Our hostel is 'On The Wallaby and is a friendly little place, we had a barbecue at the hostel for dinner. Before this though we went back to the Curtain Fig Tree to see if we could see any of the wildlife in the area. However, due to the rain, it was difficult to pick up where the noises were coming from so we didn't have much luck. We ended the evening relaxing in the hostels lounge.

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