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Our Comfort Inn

Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance take 2

Lou's new best friend

Our monster truck

Salt Creek National park

Postcard Pics

Old Whale watching tower

Tbag Squeezer

Eden Coastline

Spot the Giant LIzard

More Two Fold Bay

The view from our hotel

Postcard Pics

Pambula Beach

Merimbula Beach

Squeezer Tbag

Tbags Beach in eden

Postcard Pic of the coast

a young Carol Bradley expression:)


Batemans Bay

Lou at Batemans

Storm a brewing

Welcome to Sydney Hmmmmm)

After leaving the Prom on Sunday afternoon Paul drove us to Bairnsdale along the gorgeous coastline for our 1st nights accomodation. After a tearful goodbye to our buddies we set out for Sale passing Lake Wellington and Paradise Beach along the way. Inspite of having our air bed and the monster truck we were forced to splash out on a comfort inn for the night and use the Visa, especialy as Lou's leg still looked like she had leporacy at this stage and doctors orders were don't put pressure on it and if it gets worst go to a hospital, as such we decided sleeping in a car was not such a good idea. We went out for mexican in this cute little restaurant and then checked into our very fancy hotel room for the night, and yes we had sky so it was good all round.

In the morning we drove to Lakes Entrance for breakkie and then went exploring along the coastline by the border of VIC & NSW. We spent our second night in the gorgeous two fold bay which is located in eden and yes it is approriately named. While like a ghost town we managed to find a lovely pub for dinner and the view from our hotel that night is pictured. We explored Saltwater creek national park and nearly stepped on the largest lizard in the world ever:)

The next day we rose early in an attempt to make it in good time to Sydney. We drove along the coastline stopping at Pambula and Merimbula beaches and passing through tathra and Bermagui which are very cute coastal towns. We drove through Mimosa Rocks national park and stopped at Batemans Bay for lunch and guess what guys it rained hehehe:)

Now we were due to arrive in Sydney around 7ish that night and we had it all planned out so that we would make perfect timing and then the nasty city with its lack of roadsigns & complex one way systems took over:) We arrived in the outskirts of Sydney no problemo and it was around 7.15........... now can i just point out that Louise has been driving at this point on her bad foot for around 4 hours and is obviously being very understanding with Paul who is trying to find out where there new home is on a very shoddy map!!!! (Dad imagine you and Mum driving around France and this is pretty much the scene). A storm is brewing in the car quite literally and then shock horror it starts to bucket down with rain, oh and i forgot to mention the earlier fog!!!!

After 3 hours of driving around the city with the loonatic asylum that is NSW drivers we arrive at our destination to discover that we passed the turn off around 7.15 that night, i mean you have to laugh about this one!!!!

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