Exeter Island Hoppers Career Break 2005 travel blog

The morning was no different than the night so as we headed out of town was able to sight the glacier in the distance and looked the same as Fox from the distance. Passing through Nation Parks and with the weather not easing we stopped in Greymouth for a short while, coffee and look around for provisions for the next couple of days.

Onto Junction Springs : Hot water thermal pools. DOC campsite looked like a possibility until we viewed the toilet facilities in the forrest, well we had experienced the same in Thailand on occasions but not in a forrest with a the little bities around and no electricity or lighting. On towards Murchison where we had booked for Xmas until the 27th anyway. Just means we will be there a day early. Lovely park in between forrest hills and the rain is still coming down. But as we decided to camp rather than cabin it like last night the rain stopped and the tent was up.

The night was cold but NO rain, started raining at 3am !!! Time for the loo as woken by the thud thud thud of rain on the tent !!! It was still raining at 9am so breakfast in the camp kitchen and walk into the town to explore.

Not alot to report from the town as it is very quiet but it does have two pubs, a general store that sells everything just like the "Ol Wild West" from nails to bread !!!

Xmas day is fast approaching so hope to find an Internet site before the Eve to wish you all A VERY HAPPY XMAS


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