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Lindsey and Spanish Dude on boat to Monterico

Taking a morning boat trip round the river/mosquito infested swamp

Lindsey and I

Just before sunrise

Random plant and I



Mega waves

Lindsey wave jumping

Lindsey wave jumping 2

Wave eating Lindsey

Gabs chilling

The beach

Me and my turtle

Sunset at Monterico


Monterico goes into my list of excellent places. For a start it was really hot compared to Antigua. It has black sand which is a first for me. The waves are massive (I almost died out there). And I ended up getting to know Lindsey and Gabby from here to San Pedro which was really cool.

Observations about Central America

1. Out here they have both Macdonalds and Burger King but only in the bigger towns and cities. There is no KFC because the locals have their own version *Pollo Campero* which undercut them so much they were forced to leave the country. In Mexico you can buy double Big Macs and Double Quarter Pounders with cheese (plus BK has a promotion on King Kong Burgers which are mega massive)!

2. Its often hot in the day and cold at night.

3. Normal transport consists of Chicken Buses, which are called that because thats the normal cargo. They are usually old american yellow school buses. Theyre the quickest way to get around because the drivers are all insane. Me and my friend Lindsay almost lost our bags last week when the bus driver started off without us being able to climb on the roof to get the bags back. Ended up clinging on to the ladders on the back of the bus and waiting for it to stop again.

4. Five nights accomodation at Hotel Pinnochio cost me 10 pounds. Most brekkies are about a pound. Bananas are 3 for 10 pence. It doesnt matter how many bananas you buy they will always try and sell you an extra 3. My language school is 54 US dollars for 20 hours private tuition.

5. About a third of the local population here is Mayan, a third Guatemalan and a third Westerners or hippies who have decided to live here forever.

6. I have only been offered drugs once here.

7. If you dont want to say the full buenos dias you can just say Buen.

8. There are lots of stray cats and dogs here. They are all well fed.

9. In the pub quiz here the brightest star in the sky is apprently not the Sun, it is in fact the dog star. Must be related to this places fascination with animals.

10. The normal police have guns. The tourist police only have a walky talky and a baseball cap.

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