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Sunset off Pulau Pangkor.

Temple on a hill overlooking bay of Teluk Nipah.

Don't I look darn good on the Harley? ;-P

One of many sights of hornbills!

Pulau Pangkor's very own scalp massuer! He'll do yours for free!

Welll...guess he's not interested in scalps only but also hair on my...

Seagull Beach Resort. Do you see anything here that light up the...

Hey Yall...

Here I am in Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) off the coast of Lumut in Malaysia. The journey from Cameron Highland to Pangkor was uneventful as it took us 4 hours bus ride and 30 minutes of boat ride to get there. The scenery didn't change much nor varied, as it would go from San Francisco to Yosemite. OK...OK...I am exaggerating a bit here but that's how I see thru an open window on a rickety bus but I shouldn't complain as the whole trip tapped me a can of Pepsi for the day! ;-p

After arriving on the island, Ken and I immediately hailed for a cab to bring us to the place that was called "Backpacker's heaven" with a lot of reasonable bungalows and rooms right by the beach. The cab wasn't a typical yellow car but a shocking pink vans! It must have been state-run as all cabs are like that and nothing else! We rode in one feeling tickled pink as yall can imagine! After passing few miles, we began to wonder where the heck that heaven was. The van stopped and we realized we were already at the spot and it doesn't look heavenly!! There were motels right off the beach by the road with signs like "Hornbill Beach Resort" and "Niyah Waterfront Resort". They definitely should have looked up Webster's Dictionary and review the word - R E S O R T! They don't got swimming pool, golf course or masseur on call! BUT...the beach was just perfect with a great view of the bay. We settled for Niyah Waterfront Resort after checking and turning down 3 or 4 "resorts." Later on we found one really neat place called Seagull Beach Resort which I must admitted could barely pass as a resort as it bordered itself by the jungle away from the beach in a quiet area. It has got the feel of a resort but still doesn't got any pool, bar stocked refrigerator, bath tub, cable with 200 channels, and free shampoo and soap!! We decided to switch to that place the next day tho!

As for the island itself, it was well worth exploring, as it hasn't been razed to make ways for high rise hotels just yet! It's still in its natural setting with a lot of hornbills flying around. It was my first time seeing a hornbill flying free in the wild instead of being stuck in one of those cages in zoos! There were monkeys everywhere! Ken and I rented motorcycle...actually they were scooters but I liked to think they were motorcycles and live up to my name! We biked around and really got to enjoy what the island has to offer us. Met one cute monkey who wouldn't let go of me and wanted to sit atop my head and look for lice. Nice way to put me to sleep as I felt like getting scalp massage! Lots of hornbills and beautiful beach scenes! It was nice to stay for 3 days and 2 nights and I cannot imagine staying longer as we have seen everything there was and was ready to go by then. Not really a place to stay for weeks as opposed to Bali or islands off Thailand.

Decided to go back to Kuala Lumpur as we felt we didn't really see enough of the city so we looked and asked around for an express one-way tik to KL. The guy swore that the 12:00 PM bus will take us non-stop to KL and will take about 4 hours to get there. We believed the guy and bought two tiks (equalivent to about 2 cans of Coke this time) and found out that we were duped as there were more than 5 stopovers including stopping by their company's gas site to fill the bus up! Took 5 hours instead!! Grrr! At least it was air-conditioned and the seats were comfortable so really shant bitch about it! ;-)

It was sooooo nice to be back in KL and we got back to the same hotel, Concorde Hotel, as we really liked their rooms and their quality of customer services! They do know how to make us feel like queens... ahem I meant kings! We'll take advantage tomorrow to explore KL further and I'll let u know how it goes soon!

Yall take care till the next journal!



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