Kevin and Becky RTW 2005 travel blog

Young male just chilling

Baby being cared for in the creche

Baby being cared for at the creche

"Mike" the dominant male possing for us

And now he's bored of us being there

A youngster just hanging around

A Bear Cat relaxing - At the Eco-Park

Becky with "Bob" the Bear Cat

Couldn't actually believe it but we stood out more here than ever as though it was packed (school holidays and it had a kids water park, and eco park, and a char lift ride on top of the orang-utan island) we were the only (white) tourists in the place. Think we were gawped at more than the animals which is always nice!

The 35ha island, of which 5ha is dedicated to the rehab and nursery for the young was supposedly a place where the orang-utans could roam free and it was in fact, ironically as they liked to tell you, the humans that were caged in, in the purpose made walkway. In fact they didn't have much more space than the humans and you could see their electric fencing not too far beyond ours.

On the plus side we did get to see adult orang-utans, and even one that had jowls around his face (chic fat induced) as he was the dominant male of the group.

Photography was difficult through the multitude of fencing but after waiting patiently for the crowd to leave, Kevin was able to balance on the toilet block and get some good shots of Mike the big male whilst he posed in a tree for us. And who could deny that the baby in the nappy is cute?

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