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Our amazing view

Wicked Sunset over Docklands

Wicked Sunset over Docklands - take 2

Lou in main street Melbourne

Check out Darth Vader building on the right

Our apartment with Yarra River Cruise

Lou on the funky aboriginal fish net bridge

Ruby Murrey Night

Super cat Kiki in her Tent:)

Tbags postcard Crowne Melb Pic

Federation Square

Flinders Street Station

Lou & Kea the Super Cat

The guys at Lukes house

Grye Clouds Over Wilsons Prom

Setting up in the rain

Normans Bay at night

Allie in the Laundry hmmmmmm

In the laundry with a keg hehe

Trapped in the laundry

Paul trying to fall into tidal river

Wisons Promentary - Tea tree river:)

Nelsons Beach

Squeaky Beach

The 3 Musketeers conquering the mountain:)

Tbags postcard pics

Gorgeous Squeaky beach

Where's Tbag?

Paul's rock

Crazzzzzy Wild Sea

Squeak Squeak

Funky postcard pic

Anyone for rock pooling?

View from Moutains take 2

Mount Oberon from Pillars Point

Mount Oberon from Pillars Point take 2

Tired Guys?

Bridge over Tea tree waters

Tidal River

Odd Rocks!

NB - The initial pics on this entry show our last nights in Melbourne, I was running out of space on the last one so thought I'd cheat & post them here, they show the amazing sunset from our balcony and the crew having a ruby murrey:)

For the 1st part of our roadtrip the Melbourne crew got together for one final weekend of Shennanigans at Wilsons Promentary National Park. This place is home to Allie and Ant's favourite beach and is also the lowest point of Australia, as such the place has a very changeable climate - think 4 seasons in one day and your kinda close to the weather that we had over the weekend!

The drive to the park was supposed to start around 9ish but when Lou & Ant went to pick up the Bags hire car it turned out we had been upgraded from a naff station wagon to a monster truck ford territory - put it this way Louise's complaint to management for their double mess up's on our bookings payed off bigtime!!

We set off around 10ish and it was a 3 hour scenic drive (Victoria is known as the Garden State and for good reason think very green yorkshire with fab mountain as a backdrop) to the park; we arrived much to our joy in time for it to begin bucketing down and i mean absoulutely chucking it down with rain. What they say about the bloody English and taking the weather with you really is true, lets just hope we bring some sun home with us in May!!!

We had a highly amusing time trying to assemble the complicated tent in the rain and of course as it proceeded to bucket down for the rest of the day our afternoon was limited to drinking beer, cooking sausages and getting very wet. It has to be said that we had the best Friday night, we met a load of 20 year old lads and spent the night singing amongst other things 'New York New York' in the onsite laundry. Quote from one of the lads 'this is the most fun I've had in ages'. Funny how the following night we caught the 16 year old girls copying us and hanging out there too - oh how we are pioneers for the youth of today hehehe:)

ON the Saturday it didn't rain - yippee and we got to go and explore the park. We walked to the beautiful Squeaky beach (which squeaks when you walk on it) and climbed up the cliff face after Allie's lead to Pillars point. We walked over Tidal river with its tea tree water and cooked a slap up meal on the BBQ. Thinking we'd be clever and save the Mount Oberon climb for the next day we played drinking games and an awful lot of Sherades. After dark we went down to Norman's beach to take in the beauty of the place at night and as felt totally shattered from the night before decided to go to bed when -


Louise removed her sock to find 2 large pussing bites and numerous other bites all over the bottom of her legs - sooooooooo disgusting and after much discussion the lovely Allie drove Lou to the onsite doctor for an injection up the bum which hurt like hell I can tell you!!! This unfortunately meant that Lou could not walk very well and in no state to drive anywhere - it also meant she could not be in the sun and guess what on the Sunday it was beautifully sunny all day - humpf!!!

Paul had to drive the monster truck and seeing that he's not driven for 4 years i think he did very well, we left the Prom around 3pm on the Sunday very sad to say goodbye to our friends but looking forward to Sydney and the legendary Shaggs and Dean coming to celebrate Xmas and New Year with us - yippee!!!!

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