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Our last look at Lake Taupo

Mount Doom!

Another mountain whose name escapes me

Smooch on a rock

Laura V and me

Laura's birthday cake

The Lauras


In Smooch's bus

Gio and Smooch

Back on the bus today and we headed out to Tongariro National Park for another bloody walk! Luckily for Geri, Mischa and me it wasn't the same walk and was much easier on the knees. It was a lovely walk actually that took us just over an hour and we stopped for lunch by a waterfall. We got to see Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings which we'd missed yesterday because of the clouds, so it was all worthwhile.

After this we jumped back on the bus and headed for River Valley, which is this amazing hostel in the middle of no where! It was really cool and they even had a flying fox that Mike and I tried out. It wasn't quite as fun as it looked, but I let Mike do most of the work - that's what boys are for after all.

That night we had a pretty big piss up as it was Laura V's birthday. Technically we weren't allowed to drink our own drink as the hostel had a bar, but Smooch had a contingency plan. The drivers all stay in this really old fashioned bus thing, so he invited us all in to drink wine. Then we headed back to the bar where various games were being played. One involved climbing all the way around this huge wooden table without touching the floor!

Another fun and late night. Early start for White Water Rafting tomorrow!

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