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Facemask Girlies

Aprartment view

Yarra River Walkway

Melbourne Skyline

Yarra River

Aliie & Ant:) Our Roomiesxx

Bday River Taxi Cruise

Jordie Sarah & Steven - bless!

Bday Dinner Table

Aidan, Lucas & Ant

Allie, Sanford the Canadian, Lou & ROSE:)

Mikey & Getting there Squeezer

Aidan & seriously getting there Squeezer

Sarah & Lou ahhhh bless

Aidan, Bday Girl & Paul

Strike a Pose - Vogue

Good job ANT going.....



Blurred Visions, MIkey, Aidan, Lulu & PT

Card Family Time

Ahhhhhh Bless

Balloon Madness

Balloon Madness take 2

Happy Bday Lou

Ant & Tbag - king of the hats:)

Lou & Allie Cat:)

Porn Star Paul its that face again:)

Penny & Allie - Lushious ladies

Mike, Aidan & The Bag

Paul his breasts & their admirer

Dash & Sanford ahhhhhh

Messy Tbag & Squeezer

My bday banner!!!

Australia Qualify for the world cup

Paul & Zoey

Christmas Tree

Postcard Pics

Lou on the steps to the holiday inn

Lou being a model hehe

Lou & Aids Singing

Sir Ant and his guitar

Check out the cheek bones

Wierd kids park in Docklands

Funky wind thingy:)

Our apartments on the left

Monkey Tbag

Had enough guys???

Dancing Ladies

Kea the super cat

Moody Louise

Mad Allie and Louise

Madonna's new album rocks

Sweet Dreams

Tbag and Shaun

Kate and Craig

Lou, Dash and Sanford

The Melbourne crew

Stu and his lovely lady

Paul & Luke

Lou & Fellow london lover

The crew later that night

Shaun & Renae

Until the next time

Louise's 25th Birthday Weekend Extravanganza!!!!!

Lou's Birthday weekend started on Saturday afternoon with drinks round at the apartment. The girls danced around in their face masks while drinking pimms and Allie, Ant, Aidan, Sanford, Jules, Lou and Paul of course got ready to catch the river ferry to federation square which was a very cool ride:) We got our own private river cruise up and down the yarra which was a great way to see the city at dusk.

On the way to the restaurant Paul bought me a rose and managed to hide it from me the whole way there, quite an achievement really but i was a tad surprised that he was charging into the distance as far away from me as was legally possible:)

We went to Dinner at Vialetto and met up with Sarah & Steven (lovely Jordies who came to Oz to tie the knot, we met Sarah at our new jobs), Mikey & Lucas!!

Vialetto which was highly recommended by our roomies is this lovely little restaurant on a cobbled street with live jazz and fabulous Italian food - Gramps you would definitely approve of this one. It was the perfect setting for a great evening and reminded me a lot of the last place I ate in Venice!!!

Needless to say the red wine flowed and we moved on around 11ish to La La Land - appropriately named i thought and my amazing Tbag got them to play Sweet Dreams at midnight so obviously we scared the bar by jumping around like the fools that we are hehehe:)

Afterwards we moved onto what in some peoples minds might be loosely described as a club full of kids........ but by this point we were sooooo merry that we had a fabulous night and showed them all how its done to very interesting dance music. We got kicked out of the club at around 5am and took the party home to ours were the maddest thing happened. We got to see 5 huge hot air ballons take off from right outside our apartments and fly away into the dawn. We crawled into bed around 1000am and slept soundly until i was awoken by a string of phone calls!!

Sunday 13th Novemeber -My BDAY, The 1st phone call made my Birthday morning as it was from my gorgeous Hannah, Stuart, Helen, Luffmann, Layla and Saffa Ian who were all out together at the Southside Bar in London for DJ Ace's first set (had to get that plug in somewhere). It was so cool to talk to them (thanks guys) all even if i was half asleep and it also helped me drag myself out of bed as we were late for my bday celebrations at the Belgium Beer Garden. We arrived in true style late and met up with all the guys who were waiting patiently for us, Liz & Matt, Aidan, Dash, Sanford, Penny, Will and the gang:) This venue which was recommended by the lovely Fritzi has to be my favourite place in Melbourne and it was Scorchio for the 1st time ever on my bday -i did not need a coat or an umbrella!!!! We drank and danced and Paul decorated the ground with Happy Birthday banners and we all wore hats etc it was a truely great bday and i could not have asked for anything more so thanks guys for everything. Afterwards in typical munting style we ate pizza and crashed out which was much needed after minimal sleep all weekend.

The following week we worked & recovered and on the Friday had our only Simon Richrds Group work drinks which started around 4pm @ the Albion, a funky pub with complimentary nibbles (anything free is all good by me) with your drinks. We (Sarah, Steven, Katie & Craig) went all excited to see the Christmas tree lights get turned on, but to our dissapointment its not even a real tree so we poo pooed it and ended up going to the lounge and La LA Land - we just love it there!!! Anyhow a few shots of Jeigermeister later and see the pics of Lou trying to be a model for the results.

Ooops i almost forgot to mention the small matter of Australia qualifying for the World Cup and the whole country going insane (shame we now know they've got Brazil - god i'm cruel hehehe, no seriuosly hope you go through guys and hope you get your cute little behinds to Germany to meet us for a beer) was wicked to be here but nothing beats being here when we won the Ashes - had to get that in again Ant at some point!!!

Our final weekend in Melbourne was celebrated in true Aussie style almost every night......We drank constantly except for the Monday where we got a cultural $10 huge dinner in a fab Melbournian pub the Prince Albert. On the Thursday the house with Aids had yet another drinking session with much singing of Tina Turner & Oasis much to Pauls disgust so we were all munting and lacking in sleep come our pre-planned Friday nite BBQ in the park. With swings and funky spinning things, much wine and a storm thrown in for luck it was a great night.

We pushed on through our hangovers and managed to turn up for Become One @ the Bunker Lounge Saturday night which became our official leaving party venue:) See pictures for the quality night that was had...........

We managed to get to bed around 1000am Sunday morning after a trip to Revolver a 24 hour club and for those who know, imagine 414 on a huge scale with light, couches and pool tables -only in Australia.

For our last week in Melbourne Paul cooked his famous curry to say thanks for the fabulous time we had with everyone. It was lovely and we got the best sunset to top off our magical melbournian mystery tour:) Lets just say Lou keeps calling it home at the mo so thats how much of a good time we had there and how much we will miss all of you guys:) Much love xxxxxx

PS - Oops I forgot to mention our leaving present from Allie & Ant was - wait for this - a TBAG Squeezer, they actually sell Tbag Squeezers over hear and call them that. Has to be the most appropriate gift in the world ever and we've got the store card with our nicknames on - how totally bizarre & wicked!!!!!

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