Off Again! 2005 - 2006 travel blog

The make up department in action

I think I make quite a good homeless person!

One of the glamourous (not) locations - a landfill site!!

National Hat Day! Me and Ang in 'Scampi's Motel', one of the...

The crew (Shane, Kate, Ang + Kristy) enjoying the sunshine (and my...

Watching the sunset over the city skyline from Vauclause

The famous Harbour Bridge

Trying to create 'rain' during the night shoot on top of the...

Transformation, from mere Production Assistant to Gothic Biker Chic!

Me and Ang getting into our roles in the Gothic nightclub

The backpacker doesn't scrub up too badly for the end of filming...

The production team - Kristy (Producer), Angela (Production Co-ordinator) and Me (Production...

And Kate, a fellow Production Assistant and PA to Anna (Producer)

James Vernon (Ex Producer) and Dwane (leading Bad guy)!

Xander, one of the Assistant Director's!

The 'Wardrobe Girls' + Ang

Some of the lads - Tim (Safety), Alex (Lighting), Colin (Lighting), Logan...

Shane, the Director + Co-writer giving his thanks to everyone!

As most of know I have spent the last few months in Sydney working on a feature film called Gabriel. The reason being that I have decided to take some time out from Buying and only have 3 months left on my Australian visa I wasn't going to be able to get a job as a Buyer anyway so I decided to make the most of the last few months and to pursue a possible new direction in my career - film/tv production etc.

'Gabriel' is a very dark gothic film about a fight for control in the 'middle world' (which is in between heaven and hell!). It doesn't sound like my ususal sort of film, but being such a dark film it meant that we worked in some pretty bizarre and dirty locations, don't go thinking it was a glamourous job!! The first week was shot in some underground tunnels in an old mental asylum (pretty creepy) where we had to use a lot of smoke for effects etc, then the last week was night shoots (6pm until 6am) filming on a rooftop with artifical rain! God I don't know how those actors (and crew) survived that week! I was also given the opportunity of playing an extra in the film, well three times actually, when they were short on numbers. I played a homeless person twice in two different scenes, but the best one had to be when I was transformed into a gothic fettish biker chic for a scene in a Gothic nightclub!! I, nor most of the crew hardly recognised me! The make up and wardrobe department did a fantastic job! MTV even came along one night, and the presenter got dressed up as a gothic extra and moshed away to heavy metal music with the rest of us for an eposide on the programme which was broadcast a few weeks a go.

Once all the filming was done (well the scheduled filming, there's still another week to be shot at some point!!) we were all able to spend a bit of time socialising at the Wrap Party, the first time that we had actually had a chance to do so in the whole 8 weeks of filming! And let's just say there were a few sore heads the next day!

I started off working on the film as a Production Assistant which is basically a runner but by the end of the two month stint I think I can safely add a few other skills and experience to my CV having worked on many aspects of the production side throughout the filming, let's just say my 'catering skills' have improved tenfold!!! All in all I had a fantastic time working on the set, yes there were highs and lows (but no job is perfect), and I met some top people and made some great friends! The film is now in 'post production' and will hopefully fingers crossed be on the big screens sometime towards the end of next year! Will keep you all posted. Is this a new career for me? The production side of things in film/tv is definitely something that I would like to pursue further and will do so in New Zealand, will just have to see what happens!

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