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So back in Bangkok and taking it easy. Jennifer left a few days ago and since then I really haven't done much. My grand plans of running to Cambodia for a quick jump has passed and instead I find myself enjoying a brief respite from the road although I am off to Australia next weel to hang with a few friends that I had meet while in Nepal. Oddly the people that I had met in Nepal I have still been in contact with and will now be sleeping on various couches due to that. Oh the magic of Nepal!

So recent Bangkok ism's, let's see. . .

Taxi's and tuk tuks are contiously annoying me, ofteen taxis drivers won't put on the meter or refuse to take me to places because they are too lazy and forget what their actuall ocupation is. Plus they like to charge 2, 3, sometimes even 4 times the meter rate. It's the," Let's rip the foreigner off scheme". I have started to get a much better grasp of the public transportation and as long as you are not in a rush it is definetly the way to go. Plus there is something nice about the water taxis/ferries.

One night before Jennifer went home we ran into a elephant on the street (in the city), thankgod it wasn't too big. It's amazing how quiet they are though when they are walking, as if they have slippers on.

More later. .

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