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Here we are on the boat- we got the best seats!

The boat would fly up and down the rapids, it could go...

Slamming into the rapids, Marc looks like he's about to fly out.

Looks like someone is having fun!

Yes, we got soaked on this one.

This boat jams, we would do lots of 180 and 360 spins.

Getting some air!

Flying up stream!

A couple years ago we saw a Travel Channel special showing extreme activities in New Zealand, and we have wanted to ride in one of their crazy jet boats ever since. There are a few companies that offer these rides, so we picked the only one that actually goes up white water rapids! The boats are amazingly fast and the drivers get extremely close to cliffs, rocks and other obstacles. They also do their best to thrill all the passengers by doing 360 degree spins and slamming into the rapids at high speeds.

Lisy and I went river rafting in Bali and Nepal, and this boat could handle any of the rapids that we encountered on our raft- only it could go both up and down river, and it could go over 60 MPH!

In between daredevil moments we saw some beautiful scenery too. The river we jet boated was the Waikato river, New Zealand's longest, so there was a lot of water volume flowing downstream. The only sad part was when our 35 min. ride ended, we wanted to keep going!

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