Mandy and Jon's Journey 2005 travel blog

We spend the next two days in Jaisalmer recovering from camel-butt - a rather common condition experienced by foreign asses on domestic camels. Drinking lots of tea helps cure this ailment as does eating some of the most scruptous indian food we'd yet find. Three nights in a row we ate at the same place inside the fort. We tended to arrive late, but apparently the sunsets at the Sunset Cafe were spectacular. The food, hands down, was some of the best we've had on our entire trip.

Sitting on the soft cushions, stuffing our faces with curries, chipate, and awesome veggies we found ourselves - not for the first time, but perhaps with more intensity - falling in love with this country. We knew we would be heading back to Delhi soon, but it was not easy to pull ourselves away from the table let alone the romantic streets and alleys of Jaisalmer.

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