20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

The Bell Tower.

all lit up.

Thermal pool park.


and again.

Terracotta Army.





No Idea!

Someone "helped" I think.

Old street.

South Gate.

3009km from Hong Kong.

Holy Moses it's freezing. The hot springs were steaming as they emerged from dragons heads but the pools at the Thermal Water Park were frozen!

I had about as much feeling in my toes as the Terracotta Army had in theirs. Still, I finally got to see the Terracotta Army although it's possibly not aas impressive as I had imagined, there are fewer intact models than photographs sometimes make out. You can still imagine how it must have looked in it's day though. My one recurring thought was back to Blue Peter in 1974 when the first of the warriors were discovered, it only took me 31 years to actually get here.

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