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Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

Roskilde Cathedral


Oh didnt finish last night. So left Jelling Mounds and got 4 hour train back to Copenhagen. Rang Renee and got directions, didnt get to his street until 10pm and got a bit lost but he came out and met me. He's 35 & tall, so is his girlfriend / wife Kristina. She was at a party and got in late - she's very glam. We talked about Tibet lots then their daughter Frida got up for a while - she's 9 months, eventually off to sleep.

Morning. Rene left for work - on a Sunday at 7.30 then Kristina was going away for 2 days to the grand parents. She left at 9am. I left soon after. They've given me a key and a bus ticket of theirs. I had some beer too and food last night - very nice.

Roskilde. I spent most of the day here. Its 30minutes west of Kopenhavn and a pretty small town. It was deserted cos its Sunday and all shops were shut. I went straight to the Cathedral but it was closed for the next 2 hours because of services. The only other thing to see in town is...

Viking Ship Museum. 5 rebuilt boats are there, they were sunk deliberately to block a sailing channel. This museum was touristy. i contemplated going on a Viking boat, but everyone looked a bit silly in their life jackets. Theres a boat workshop there where they recreate Viking boats. One is being done ready for a trip to Ireland in 2004.

Roskilde Domkirk. WHS 8 - this is a bit ugly looking. I dont like red brick buildings. Theres a museum there too but the guide was so crap I left the group and wandered off. This church has the bodies of all the Danish Kings & Queens buried there. Right from Harold Bluetooth to the one that died in 1972. Its all Frederick or Christian, very dull. King Valdemar is import so too is Queen Margarethe the first - who both helped to unite Denmark, Sweden & Norway.

Met Rene / Visited Christiania. Got train back to Copenhagen and met Rene in the station. Neither of us had eaten so went on a long walk to the hippie commune of Chirstiania. Lots of grafitti there, nice colours, and you are now leaving the EU. Drugs openly on sale there and big signs saying no photo. Cos lots of identical kiosks with blocks of Moroccan, Columbian, some mushrooms, ready made joints in plastic cases - very handy for people who cant roll them. We had some food there - a nice pasta then began long walk back.

Slide Show. Back home Rene showed me some of the Tibet & Nepal slides - glam.

email. I checked my emails, lots, ones from Rhona, Cler, Boo, Dad, Mark, Brian, Emma, Fran - none from Marcus or Cathy or Paul !

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