Kevin and Becky RTW 2005 travel blog

Kevin walking accross one of the bridges on the Canopy walk

Becky walking accross one of the bridges on the Canopy walk

Wild Boar encountered on our hiking in the park

Wild Boar encountered on our hiking in the park

Wild Boar encountered on our hiking in the park

Some form of jungle fungi !!

A bad picture of what looked like a flying Lemur that we...

It's a bit of a mission to get to the Taman Nrgara NP. From KL it's a 3hr bus to Jerantat, a 2hr wait, a 20min bus, then a 2hr boat ride. There boat has no seats, just mats on the floor and it takes your arse around 3hrs to recover after that.

We stayed in a resort in the village across the river from the NP, it being quite a lot cheaper (but if we did it again we would pay the extra as you would be actually staying in the NP with chances of seeing wildlife all the time compared to no chance of seeing any wildlife in the village). The trip we took was a 3D/2N package, but it's basically one day in the park as the other two are spent entirely on travelling.

We decided to do a night jungle safari which was from the back of a pick-up through an oil-palm plantation & not actually in the NP as it turned out. We saw a civet, a couple of snakes & some birds & it got us out of the resort for a while but that's about the size of it.

After an early breakfast we took the boat across to the NP & went off to do the canopy walk. It was a bit hair-raising at times, bit too much swinging, and quite often you had to walk up a steel ladder that was suspended in mid-air by a bit of netting before getting to the plank walkway, also held by ropes & nets. Spotted what looked like a black flying lemur, but was probably only a black giant squirrel, that was a bit camera shy so we only managed to get a poor picture of it. We hiked a bit further and came across some wild boar foraging for food in the leaves, until we were back at Park HQ.

A quick lunch then off in the other direction & we got a bit lost. The trail we were on wasn't marked so it was hard to find. We did find it but it was really muddy so by the time we got back to HQ a couple of hours later we were plastered in mud & hadn't seen anything but ants and leeches.

Back at the resort, Kevin discovered a leech had somehow got to his leg & had been having a feast on him that afternoon. Becky had been concerned about them so had bought a bottle of Dettol which when poured on the leech acts like an acid almost, it lets go, shrivels up and dies. He didn't loose too much blood & survived the ordeal although we both had bad dreams about leeches that night; Becky's got through her belly button & Kevin's went into his mouth & he swallowed it and needed to drink Dettol to kill it !!!

Day 3 we headed back to KL with the primary objective of doing some washing... Even when travelling you still have to do the mundane stuff !!

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