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Waiting for the bus to Lumut at Ipoh bus station

Just about anything is moved using a bike!

Ariel on her way back to the sea...

Same Ariel - anothe beach though


Backpacker to be?

One of the beaches when crowded

Hornbills outside the hotel

Pulau Pangkor is fantastic. Although the island receives its fair share of week-end tourism the rest of the time you practically have the beaches to yourself. The island is fairly small, approx. 4 by 1 kilometres, but it has all you would expect from a tropical island, including jungle clad hills, beautiful beaches and a climate to match. Other than a few local cars, taxis and the vast fleet of small motorcycles the island is free from traffic. You can tour the complete island in around 2 hours by motorcycle but it's much cheaper to catch one of the pink (!) taxis then renting 2 motorbikes - so we decided against the bikes.

The kids have gotten so used to travelling already. We are surprised by the fact that we all enjoy to move on to a new places pretty often. This was not at all what we expected when we planned the trip.

We have decided to stay here in Teluk Nipah for 7 days. We have managed to get a very decent rate on our room, which is cheaper than Melaka AND has a fridge and a pool - wow!

Teluk Nipah is actually nothing more than a few guesthouses, restaurants and the usual beach attire shops selling towels, beach dresses and souvenirs. Yesterday we went by cab to Pangkor Town and this town is plastered with the same kind of shops - every one of them offering the exact same goods! Anja sees huge distribution opportunities as the mix of goods is so purely blended.

The overall picture of Malaysia is that tourists are scarce and the government has invested large amounts in the building of beach facilities, shops and tourist centres all with only few shops let. The rest is empty and getting more and more ugly as no one takes care of it..

Garbage distribution is also scarce and the edge of the jungle areas are suffering from loads of plastic and smelly stuff which we have learned to ignore at a very high level......

This morning we celebrated the 1st of December by going to the beach. We were accompanied by monkeys hanging from the trees and a majestic eagle circling the skies over the bay. A little earlier we had the cheapest breakfast ever since coming to South-East Asia. We paid 40 DKK for 4 servings of toasts with butter and jam, pineapple pancakes, french toasts, fresh fruit salad, fresh orange juice, scrambled eggs and tea+coffee. Malaysia certainly is an affordable country to travel!

It looks like everyone is getting ready for the week-ends tourist invasion here. This morning a complete shop selling the usual riffraff had emerged from the ground right next to the hotel. They had managed to build up everything during the night selling the exact same items as the shop next door.......very odd.

We are now getting in to the phase of just ....being - wonderful!

Thanks for all your messages - keep writing ;-)

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