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Captain Ralph and Girlfriend Bryce

Thanksgiving Morn with the Hawaiian Hoods

Boys at Waipio after our near Death

The way up to Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea above the Clouds

Us on our way up to the Summit

Sunset atop M Kea

Braving the Cold for one more Bloody Pic!

It's cold up there!

Okay.. One more sunset shot

Getting dragged behind the sailboat - M and N

10 More pickin days left!!

10 days left of Pulping Coffee Cherry!!

Nathan sorting coffee beans

Coffee drying on the Hoshidona

Our roasted coffee we made for xmas present for everyone back home

We're almost out of Water at the Cabin, the house was dry and had to siphen some of ours. Need Rain. I'm not sure if many of you have had to ever face 'no water' so let me paint a picture: No clean dishes, No showers and No flushing of any toilets. Our cooking and drinking water is bottled so we're not gonna die or nothin. It's just gonna suck though cause Tyler already smells and if I get pinned under his armpits one more time I swear...

We're conserving as well as we can and we're now less one roomate so that helps. That's correct! Our crazy-eating with her mouth open-grunting-confrontational-staring-no personal space-laughing to herself while sitting alone at the table in the dark drinking beer roomate has been asked to depart. Her last day was Sunday and life is simple again.

We've taken some time to slow down a bit and spent a Sunset on the Beach with some wine and we had US Thanksgiving off so we were up early at the beach before everyone else. Nice day to do some reading with a coffee and watch the hoodlum bodyboarders.

We've decided against Australia and New Zealand (anyone need a Lonely Planet book?). We just decided that it's not really our pace right now. We're looking for another place to add to our itinerary. We were thinking Ireland for a bit but getting a work Visa doesn't sound all that easy unless you have a child you can sell for the right to work. Tyler's talking South America and I'm thinking we should just hit the Bangkok airport and pick whatever cheap flight is leaving to wherever within that hour. For now, we've booked a super cheap flight out of Kona on the night of the 25th and will spend 2 nights on the North Shore watching surfers and stalking Jack Johnson. We Figured we'd just sleep in the car one night and the airport the next. Honolulu is to expensive. Oh yeah.. for those that wanted to come out here and WWOOF.. we've figured out that to live, drive a car, eat out maybe once a week in Hawaii we've spent approx $600 a month combined (that's $300 a month each) not too bad. Should get much cheaper from here on out.

- Coffee Season was supposed to be over but we've been hit with another round so we're still pickin. I'm sooooooo sick of pickin coffee!

- Our Canadian rescue'ee is back for a week. he ran away and joined the circus (which incidently was a nudest colony as well). He's flying home tomorrow so we're having a Bonfire / Coconut drink gathering for him tonight.

- Saw Johnny Cash's movie "Walk the Line". Such a good Movie

- Had US Thanksgiving at another Farm with about 40 other people, good time. Lots of food and sooo many desserts. Tyler made Pumpkin Ice Cream from scratch. It was a hit.

-Tyler and I Went out sailing last weekend with a friend of Melanie and Colhours. He's an amazing guy with such an amazing story. He's 62, has been living on his boat for 12 years, sailing for 50 years and has had Cancer for 9. They gave him 6 months to live when he was diagnosed and he just totally fought it. Would not let them do any radiation here but went to Europe to check into natural treatments. He figured out his body and what it can / cannot have and is doing so well. He's so happy to be alive and is just an great person to listen to. He's kept track and recorded every Dolphin and Whale he's swam with (..swam with everyone of them in the book he has) as well as some Sharks! I wanted so badly to hear so much more about him and what he's done and lived through but unfortunately I only got to hear the first hour and then just pieces here and there over my horrendous 2 hour session of harfing over the side of the boat. Remember the early years and the nights of endless deep conversations with the yellow bile you kept producing making oaths to never do it again? I think its the same as Sailing cause we were out there again this weekend with Nathan hopped up on Pharmaceuticals. At least we saw Dolpins this time out.

We figure that everytime we get back from somewhere we decide it was the best trip yet but I think this weekend was really-for really real this time-the best trip yet. Me, Tyler, Nathan and Dave (another Apprentice on another Farm that actually just left to join the circus as well) rented a 4X4 this weekend and did Waipio Valley (again) and Mauna Kea. Waipio was the place that got hit by a Tsunami in 1946. Got to drive down and back up this time so that was good. The waves were Monsterous. We all played in the shallow area for a bit then Nathan and I decided to take on the 'real' waves. It was such a rush for the first bit but we got stuck in a nasty set and started to get tired. We barely had time to dive under, catch our breath and come back up before another one hit hard. Tried to get carried in and swim into shore but kept getting carried back out. it was truely scarry for awhile. Nathan swam close to ask if I was okay but by the look on his face he had as little control as I did. Said I was fine and we both continued to try to get in. After 10 years of living right on the water and the various Beaches I've spent time on - it was only this weekend that I learned that you need to respect the Ocean. Later that day we headed up to Mauna Kea - it's a Volcano that reaches 13,500ft. We stopped at the observatory at 9000ft to get used to the elevation to ensure we didnt get altitude sickness however, it didnt stop us from being light headed dorks. Ride up (for Sunset) was a blast. The top was bloody cold, that was our 30 minutes of Calgary winter for the year. Views were amazing, again - pictures don't do it justice. Couldn't find a last minute place to camp so we all came back to the cabin and played cards till 2:30. It's Thursday now and I'm still trying to recover from missing my 10 hours a night.

Life Lesson #102: Gravol has no place at Sea.

Things I'm most Grateful for: Our Mosquito Net, donated Hoodie from my Sister and the Massive Agriculture / Anti-GMO Library at the Cabin.


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