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Your subscription INCLUDES these benefits:

    - Unlimited* Trip Journals, all linked through your website's Travel Homepage. Edit any of your Trip Journals at your convenience.
Unlimited* journal entries, photos (up to 20 MB per photo) and internet movie clips in your Trip Journals, with photos auto-optimized for the internet. Your photos stored in their original resolution for later printing.
Full use of the MyTripJournal IntelliMap System, update friends and message center systems.
No advertising**
Choice of public or private website.
Full archiving of:
  • Your Trip Journals - as seen by your visitors
  • Your photos in their original resolution and quality
  • Your message In-Box
Obtain your archive by immediate download OR, if you have a 6 month or longer subscription, you can request to have a CD/DVD sent to you at no extra charge.***

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30 day guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, within 30 days of purchase we will refund your money.

* Subject to normal use by travelers as defined in our user Terms and Conditions.
** No advertising is displayed when you log into your Trip Journals or Travel Homepage as traveler, or when they are accessed by friends and family at their direct URLs or by using the 'Find a Friend's Journal' tool. Ads may be visible on some of your Trip Journal pages for people who access them from search engines. The banner of MyTripJournal or its custom-branded partner is part of your website and, for this purpose, does not constitute advertising.
*** Max. 1 CD/DVD request per year of service; max. 1 CD/DVD per request and 2 Trip Journals + photos per CD/DVD

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MyTripJournal provides free Premium service to humanitarian relief workers. Set up a free Trip Journal, then email us with your aid project, timeline and URL, and we will convert to Premium