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Steve & Julie's US trip, 2014

Steve & Julie travel blog
Welcome to Steve and Julie's 2014 US journey home blog. We don't quite know what we're doing yet, but hopefully we'll learn how to blog as we go along (literally). We already know how to blag.

Our plan at the outset is for Steve to do the (more or less) daily progress report and for Julie to do the 'newsy' bit. If Steve gets to do the newsy bit, then something has gone wrong. Please alert the authorities. Similarly, if Julie's doing the progress report, then Steve has gone AWOL.

After almost 5 years living and working in Malaysia, our journey back to the UK begins on 12 July when we fly from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong. After 5 days in Hong Kong, we fly to San Fransisco, arriving there on 17 July. The map below shows most of the large cities we plan to visit.

We'll try and keep you updated on a daily basis and we hope you enjoy following our marathon drive, coast-to-coast across the States. Of course, reading about us every day is not compulsory, but when we eventually return to the UK, do expect to be asked by us whether you enjoyed reading our blog. There will be a test, albeit probably multiple-choice, to make it easier for us retired teachers to mark.

Thank you for reading. Please add comments as you see fit - we'd love to hear from you while we're away.
World-America map

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