Steve & Carla's Honeymoon 2005 travel blog

Steve & Carla's Honeymoon 2005

Steve & Carla Holmes travel blog
Welcome to our website!

We are now halfway through our trip, enjoying ourselves thoroughly, and hoping desperately for a large lotto win to avoid reality for a lot longer!

We hope that you are enjoying our little adventures, thanks to everyone that e-mails us and keeping us up-to-date at home. It's great to hear what you're up to as even the ordinary events remind us of home.

So keep keeping in touch and we're sincerely looking forward to seeing all of you again in September (barring any lotto wins).


Steve & Carla


Welcome to our website!

We're off now on our travels and this website will keep you informed of our adventures and share some of the best pictures so you can see how undernourished and emaciated we have become.

We will post our first journal from Beijing soon, and will share with you the tears and snot as we get to grips with a new country.

Anyway, please stay in touch, let us know all the gossip, scandal, pregnancies (Kev), and most importantly the progress of Luton Town towards the Championship.

Bye for now

Steve & Carla x

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