Dan & Barb's Rhine River Cruise - March 2013 travel blog

Dan & Barb's Rhine River Cruise - March 2013

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Hey, just because we couldn't sneak you in our suitcase doesn't mean you can't "join" us on the trip!

We'll see how successful we are at keeping track of everything! Dan will be doing the picture-taking and Barb will do the journaling. Just in case one of us is slacking on the job, you'll know who to blame!

We take off for Amsterdam on Saturday morning (March 30th). We'll do our best to keep you posted as we go! You can click on the "Itinerary" button at the right to see where we're headed!

We'll miss you all!
Barb & Dan

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Our Itinerary Map!
Mar 30/13
Got to Phoenix!
Mar 30/13
Los Angeles - Flight Stop
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam & Kinderdijk, Netherlands
Cologne, Germany
Koblenz, Germany
Heidelbert & Speyer, Germany
Strasbourg, France
Breisach & Black Forest, Germany
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